Many wannabes continue to ask me how to go about being a pilot in Malaysia or Singapore but lack the initiative to search for the answers in my site or the Web. No one said piloting is easy! To get your CPL, there are 3 flight tests. For many occupations in Singapore, the path to land that job is pretty clear. Today, there are many more options. The basic requirements to become a pilot with the Singapore Military Air Force include the following: One must be a Singapore Permanent Resident or a Singapore Citizen with age 18 years or above The aspirant should possess complete GCE ‘A’ Level Certification/IB Certificate or a Diploma with passes in Physical Science, Mathematics and English at GCE ‘O’ Level FAA CPL would not be considered lesser. so even with a FAA CPL, the person still can be a captain with a local sg airline? They can read the article in full after signing up for a free account. Once you’ve chosen your school and agreed on a start date, you can fly over to the USA. With this Letter of Offer, CAAS will be able to process your licence conversion. They are the (1) PPL, (2) Instrument Rating and the (3) CPL. To get a CAAS CPL, students would need to fork out at least S$150,000 for flight training. The gift link for this subscriber-only article has expired. I like the feeling of adrenaline rush in my body. If you would kindly assist. It is worthwhile to note that while the FAA CPL is sufficient to give you privileges to work in Airlines in Singapore, the same FAA CPL doesn’t allow you the opportunity of working in an Airline in the USA. She also joined private aviation school Aeroviation last year, setting her on a course towards her dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Singapore News - In 2016, a newspaper article about Singapore's first local Malay woman to become a commercial pilot made Haazeqah Nur Atikah Abdullah sit up. While there are many prerequisites before you can convert your licence, here are 2 significant mentions. In general, SIA wouldn’t take low hour pilots who have gotten their own licence. The 25 hours can be counted towards getting a commercial pilot licence in future. Life in flight school. Please note that Singapore Airlines does not request for payment or fees for the processing of job applications either directly or through its appointed agencies. Getting your FAA CPL might seem hard, but depending on the job market, finding a job in an Airline in Singapore could be a lot harder. He is among the cadet pilots from the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group who will have to leave the company after completing his … Step 1. Singapore Airlines (SIA) has shed about 12 per cent of its pilots in the last five years, amid a prolonged business slowdown. Candidates must possess a full Degree, diploma, or GCE ‘A’ levels equivalent certification. Read about the differences between the FAA CPL and the CAAS CPL. Even at 120K per annum, it’s not possible to be 2-3 properties type well off without walking on financial tightropes. But the road to being a pilot was not paved without obstacles. Your permanent Airmen Certificate (or licence) will be mailed to you (to Singapore) a few weeks later. You can read about how to book your test slots as an individual candidate here. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any airline in Singapore. However in recent years, due to the rapidly expanding fleets in the Low-Cost Carriers and hence the increased demand for Captains, capable First Officers in these airlines have been given the opportunities to a promotion to Captain in under 5 years. Aviation in Singapore is ridiculously expensive. The day you pass the CPL flight test, you will be issued the FAA Commercial Pilot Licence. A self driven, self directed student can use apps and books and do well, but a student the is used to being guided down a structured syllabus should consider going for some kind of preparation course. Get the ST Smart Parenting newsletter for expert advice. If you like, you can read about the career of an Airline Pilot! 250) seem to consist of university graduates and at … Hi there. Want to become a Pilot in Singapore but you have no idea how? My question is regarding the employment opportunity after obtaining the FAA CPL. Is it possible to even self study and go straight for the theory examination without simulator experience? With the CAAS ATPL, you can become a captain in a local sg airline. Send your application to ALL of the airlines. The 3 exams that you need to pass are the (1) PPL, (2) Instrument Rating and (3) CPL. To get a FAA ATPL, you’ll need 1500 hours, and that’s expensive, as compared to 100-200+ hours for an FAA CPL. Since you will likely be spending less than 9 months in the USA, it is likely you will not hit the limit of the papers’ validity. Step by Step Guide on How to become a Pilot in Singapore . Is it disadvantageous to get an interview with SIA with FAA CPL? Finish the syfc course, take the ppl and reject them if they ask you to sign on, don't waste your time if your heart is set on being a commercial pilot. Hi there. Initiative is one of the qualities, among many others, that the interviewers would be looking at. There is a waiting period before being sent to Jandakot as well and it can range from 3 weeks to 2 months. ", But she added: "I like flying a lot. While getting your S$200,000 aviation …. The 17-year-old started lessons in August last year, and last month spent two weeks in Australia to attain a Recreational Pilot Certificate, which allows her to fly light-sport aircraft, which are smaller and have a maximum weight of 600kg. Hence, no point. I would like to check if a FAA CPL from a part 61 flight school such as pray aviation or others, would be able to convert to CAAS CPL without any issues? Should anyone think that a post is offensive, and is able to give sufficient reasons, we shall immediately remove that post. I’m a little confused, because if I want to come and immediately do the exams I won’t be able to get my instrument rating? You can read this subscriber-only article in full, All done! thank you for your reply. Rest assured that we are currently doing our best to secure the privacy of anyone. Thank you. In fact its faster and cheaper, and with more FAA registered aircraft around in the world than any other regulators, i dare say FAA CPL is above all other licences. As a Fighter Pilot and a Fighter Weapons Instructor, holding a rank of Captain in the Republic of Singapore Air Force Captain Ong made the transition from being a RSAF Fighter Pilot to an Airline First Officer. With a finance limit.. do you recommend to minimize bank loan in case of not finding a job? Don't waste time with the RSAF, you will stand a higher chance of entering the cadet program as a fresh grad rather than at the time you leave RSAF to become a commercial pilot. While getting your S$200,000 aviation training sponsored by SIA is too good an offer to turn down, the career progression in SIA is infamous for its lengthy upgrade processes, taking a First Officer 15 years to be upgraded to an aircraft Captain. It is wrong to say Part 61 schools aren’t regulated. Medical Requirements. The 25 hours she has chalked up in flying to earn the certificate can be counted towards getting a commercial pilot licence in future. As a low hour CPL holder, it will be tough to get a job, and you could potentially be out of a job for the next 2 years. Navigating through CAAS, LCC, ICAO, FAA, TG, TR, JSA, BAH, WSSS and WTF. many singaporeans went thru their programme. To get started, most of the schools will require you to send a deposit before they secure your training slots. Do I need a degree to be a Pilot in Singapore. To get work in an Airline, you need a Civil Aviation Authority Singapore (CAAS) Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). The furthest destination that she has gone to is Jeddah, Arab Saudi, a flight which took nine hours to complete from Singapore. Like 2-3 properties type well off. The lowest estimation of 3 months… meaning completing the papers on day 1 and then finish flight training in 3 months right? To study for the ground examinations, you could pay for ground training in a Singapore Training Organisation, or you could get the papers done as a private candidate. Please note that applications for Pilot positions in Singapore are currently closed. Required fields are marked *. Aviation in Singapore is ridiculously expensive. However, there are some prerequisites that you must meet for the CAAS CPL conversion later, and you’ll need to make sure you get it done. You can read about the pre-requisites here. So if you are considering applying to be a cadet pilot with Singapore Airlines, be prepared for a long, challenging but ultimately rewarding journey. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Would this be the same as their accelerated CPL program. Bank loan is really subjective. Hack, you don’t need any form of …, A rule change by FAA in July 2018 allowed all licence holders to maintain their Instrument Rating in a ATD, …, As compared to their RSAF Transport and Fighter Pilot counterparts, it is more difficult for RSAF Helicopter Pilots to make …, As a follow up to our earlier article about the cost of making the transition to from an RSAF Fighter …, Many would think that making the transition from being an RSAF pilot to an Airline in Singapore would be a …, This guide was written mainly for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Pilots who are interested in adequately preparing …, The RSAF receives thousands of applications for the role of a Military Pilot every year, but only a few hundred …, Captain Ong not a Captain in an airline, but he is not lying about being Captain Ong. Research. Our harbour pilots undergo a structured and comprehensive in-house training programme before they attain their harbour pilot licences from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. With the FAA CPL, you will convert to a CAAS CPL. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on January 28, 2020, with the headline 'Student on course to fulfil dream of being a pilot'. Hi. The tester will issue a temporary Airmen Certificate. Through your flying as a first officer or second officer, you will gain the requirements for a CAAS ATPL, and your Cpl will be converted to a ATPL. There is a Singapore based flight school called CAPTAINONG © COPYRIGHT 2019. They might never call you again! Apply for a Commercial Pilot Licence. The learning curve is definitely going to be steep but it’s possible. Good luck! The problem with joining a Low-Cost Carrier is that they do not sponsor cadets in getting their Commercial Pilot Licence training. Research the different options you have to become a Pilot in Singapore. Especially with kids. Hi Jim, there is no minimum requirements for the instrument rating paper exam. Wasn’t expecting it to be so low for entry pilot. First, Google “FAA Flight Schools”, shortlist a few of them and email/call to ask them questions get some quotes. The story sparked the Secondary 2 student's interest in flying. Singapore Airlines has traditionally been the only way for Singaporeans to be an Airline Pilot. Pilot Darren Wong said … We provide essential pilotage service to more than 180,000 vessels annually in the Port of Singapore, the world’s busiest container transhipment hub. You’ll stand a better chance applying to JSA or Scoot, or even airlines in Vietnam. I understand that it needs to be converted and such… but… would they even consider you to be on equal standing as those who did the CAAS CPL like the course offered by STAA? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The owners will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Scoot and Jetstar Asia (who is hiring). … Continue Reading → If you ready for your 3 papers before arriving, you have the option of getting your papers done on day 1 of your trip to the USA, thereby fast-tracking yourself to flight training. But no harm trying to apply. They seem to provide FAA PPL preparation course. Polytechnic and ITE students to get more targeted help in job search after graduation, ITE to offer graduates more opportunities to pursue diploma, ITE grads 'pay it forward' by hiring their juniors. I do not speak for all my compatriots, but to me, life is certainly good. "It required a lot of focus, and my Australian instructor told me that one hour of flying can feel like four hours of driving because of how draining it is. Never turn down an opportunity for an interview, even if it means cancelling your holiday plans, cause you will never know when they will offer you another interview! A step by step illustration is provided by the diagram: Basic Requirements (Military Pilot) Candidates must be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, and must be at least 18 years old. Whether or not to go for a preparatory course, it really depends on the kind of student you are. Read about Captain Ong. since all airline cadets in Singapore are equipped with ATPL upon graduation from the flight schools. In your cover letter, state reasons why you want to be a pilot, why you want to be a pilot of SIA, and why you are a suitable (and outstanding) candidate for this cadetship Observations In 2015, the first tranche of shortlisted candidates (approx. Secondly, there are ground examination requirements. ", Haazeqah's dream is to be a pilot with Singapore Airlines. In order to become a harbor pilot, you must first meet many requirements and hold specific certificates.You must also have served as a second mate or higher rank on a ship of or over a specific tonnage. All airline cadets in Singapore are only equipped with a CAAS CPL. A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) allows you to fly as a Pilot-In-Command (PIC) of a single-crew aircraft or co-pilot of a multi-crew aircraft of a Singapore-registered aircraft for the aircraft types as endorsed in the licence – for … While getting your S$200,000 aviation training sponsored by SIA is too good an offer to turn down, the career progression in SIA is infamous for its lengthy upgrade processes, taking a First Officer 15 years to be upgraded to an aircraft Captain. That sounds crazy fast! Are always well off 2 significant mentions Jetstar Asia ( who is hiring ) world’s container... To represent my country. `` was his life-long dream to be so for... A job 3 months right been the only way for Singaporeans to be an airline.. And others are ready for the Instrument Rating ( Part 141 ) a! The training organisations in Singapore are only equipped with a CPL, the apps definitely... Full after signing up for a free account as long as the airline you’re interested working... Definitely suitable for someone who has absolutely no experience in flying hours she has chalked up in.. Website are for entertainment purposes only will require you to send a deposit before secure. By joining the RSAF and email/call to ask them questions get some quotes to attain your CAAS CPL the... Ground examination can and should be done while waiting for your flight tests Delta United... In Australia busiest container transhipment hub Instrument Rating and the Aviation industry. `` she also joined private Aviation Aeroviation..., Haazeqah 's dream is to be steep but it’s possible CPL holder, it is likely you’ll
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