Now that you have turned on Pardot Connected Campaigns and have done the Campaign Alignment steps, it’s time to finish setting it up and making Salesforce display the awesome things on Salesforce Campaigns page layouts, as well as Leads and Contacts.. Make Salesforce control all Campaigns. Pardot nurture campaigns – via Engagement Studio – are very powerful and customizable. So how can sales nurture leads/contacts to close more deals? Pardot marketing automation improves alignment between teams, drives & nurtures new leads and enhances the lead management process. Lead nurturing campaigns, also known as engagement campaigns in Pardot terminology, should include built-in segmentation and dynamic content so that customers always receive up-to-date, targeted communications. Many marketers wonder how they can maximise Pardot to build advanced engagement programs that segment prospects by their level of engagement for future use. Lead nurturing, also called drip marketing, is one of the most powerful and sought-after features of a marketing automation system. The Pardot marketing automation platform also tracks campaign performance, highlighting successful initiatives that allow your team to better strategize and meet revenue goals. Want to learn more? Share this article... Pardot Engagement Studio is designed for running lead nurture programs. When you’re tasked with optimising Pardot marketing campaigns, designing complex Engagement Studio’s, setting up bespoke lead distribution processes, tailoring your website with dynamic content, and much more, we’re here to help you get it done the best way you can, fast. Pardot campaigns are typically thematic touchpoints (similar to “source” in other systems) and are used to track the first touch you have with a prospect. A lead that a sales rep reached out to said follow up in six months. A prospect fills out a form to download a white paper for a particular product of yours. We are big fans of Pardot nurture campaigns – automating lead nurture actions based on triggers and rules. As we know, Pardot is where marketers create and manage marketing campaigns and assets. This allows you to group and filter your Pardot reports by campaign, easily comparing several forms in the same campaign to see which had more submissions. Pardot marketing automation powers your marketing and sales success by improving alignment between teams, driving and nurturing new leads, and enhancing lead management processes. Learn how to get started with Pardot B2B Marketing Automation. Build Advanced Nurture Campaigns in Pardot Engagement Studio. Once you are finished with Campaign Alignment (matching up all your Pardot Campaigns … Lead nurturing doesn’t have to be complicated, and the return from even the simplest campaigns far outweighs the cost. Like almost everything else Salesforce, there are many means to an end, and finding the right Engagement Studio configuration for your use case is what requires the most knowledge. Your presenters: Ian Michiels is a recognized thought leader and accomplished speaker in the fields of marketing automation, marketing operations, and demand generation. How to nurture your leads in Pardot. By automating basic sales tasks, your sales team can focus on managing and nurturing only the best leads. ... With automated lead qualification and nurturing, you can free up sales to focus on what really matters: bringing in new business. Prospect nurturing is critical but can be time-consuming, and sales reps don’t always have the time. With the ability to drive revenue from a database of leads that you’ve already built — with minimal investment on the part of sales and marketing — lead nurturing has the potential to transform the way you do business. Executing Pardot Nurture Campaigns: Strategy, Emails, & Engagement Studio, Oh My! Here is how it works: The Pardot Engagement Studio is the right tool to create the necessary branch logic to schedule your lead nurturing campaigns and follow up actions.This allows you to start your nurture, send a sequence of emails, create follow up actions and track your nurture performance.