As a result, there are four different serial number ranges for Yamaha pianos. This is an approximate guide to deciphering the meaning of the numbers and letters used to create the model numbers used on Yamaha Trumpets. $3,451.20. White Era will often have the serial number on the tuning slide, but not Yamaha - SERIAL NUMBER - Database Yamaha - SERIAL NUMBER - Submission Form Yamaha Brochures & Marketing Material ... BBC1203 – Yamaha – Trombones (Japan, March 2012) WA-26 - Yamaha - Chromatic Tuners WA-28 - Yamaha - Mouthpieces WA-28R2 - Yamaha - Mouthpieces Parts List Search You can refine your search by setting multiple search conditions. The only info I could pass on to most folks was when the … Shop with confidence. Trombone Serial Number Lists. If the serial number begins with an "H", the piano was manufactured in Hangzhou, China. They have continued to evolve since their creation in the 15th century. On electric guitars, the serial number is generally stamped or punched on the headstock. This cornet is near identical to a Bach 184 cornet. For some reason, Vincent jumped around a little on serial numbers. In the land of serial numbers, Yamaha does not own property. Prior to the early/mid-'90's, Yamaha kept no serial number records AT ALL, and serial numbers were not necessarily assigned sequentially (so I was told by Kurt Witt, the Band Instrument Product Manager). Yamaha Trombone Serial Numbers. Trombone. The serial number is very distinctly NOT GA. The first Minerva (#2722) was built in 1958. Bach Trombone Serial Number Strike If you'd like one of the Conn trombones we have in stock, but with a custom slide, we can set that up. Free mainland UK delivery. Price: $8,699.00 RRP. Yamaha trombone serial number location Rating: 8,4/10 1371 reviews Yamaha Outboard Serial Numbers. The trombone was a bit of a problem for cavalries... A trombone that would scare even a snake! New! Vintage Instruments can usually be dated by serial number. YBL-421G A semi-open wrap gives this intermediate level bass trombone a smoother airflow and open sound. And lastly to everybody that has given me serial numbers and models to their Buescher Trumpets and Cornets, thank you! The serial number coding systems below only apply to the Yamaha electric guitars. 1954 Trombone and trumpet serial number lists merged; 1955 production moved from LA to Fullerton (between 149,6xx, 150,3xx) 1956 eliminated large-shank mouthpiece receiver on cornetss (189,611) 1958 redesigned Ambassador cornets & trumpets. If the serial number begins with a "T", the piano was manufactured in Thomaston, Georgia. Two instruments, both tenor, but quite different! YAMAHA trombone YSL-640 Serial number: 400395 Gold lacquer painting with case. Largest range of Yamaha products in UK. They do not publish their serial number lists like other companies. If you have a contact inside the company you can get this information, but it can be a royal pain sometimes. $145.00 shipping. The remaining numbers indicated the production number within the month. In 1980, the former Conn employee Daniel Henkin purchased the Conn Corporation from MacMillan. H. N. White Co. -- King Serial Number